If Music Be The Food of Love

Evening everyone,

Most of us thoroughly enjoy listening to music but how many of us really tune in to how it can make us feel or affect our mood?  I spend a huge amount of time listening to music, not only when I teach classes but at home, when I’m walking or in the car.  I’m always feeling something from it or wondering how it will feel in a class.  So for me putting playlists together to exercise to is a hugely enjoyable part of my work.  I know many of you are music lovers too and I’m always delighted when somebody shares music with me or asks me about the music that I played in class.  During relaxation I always hope that the music calms your mind and body but also helps you feel truly present.

Studies show that listening to music at work can make you a happier, more productive employee and that listening and playing music reduces stress by lowering the hormone cortisol.  When people feel sad they often feel the need to listen to sad music, this is because it’s cathartic and can help people get in touch with their emotions and enable them to heal.

Listening to music also increases dopamine, this is the same brain chemical responsible for the feel good feeling obtained from eating chocolate, orgasm and runner’s high.  Playing music with others or enjoying live music with others stimulates the brain hormone oxytocin.  Oxytocin is sometimes called the ‘trust molecule’ as it helps us bond and trust others.

I’m sure you already know exercise can improve your workout,  not only does it act as point of focus taking your mind off your aches and burning muscles but often your heart will sync to the beat of fast paced music enabling you to train faster and harder.

So if you enjoy the music during class let me know and if you don’t then don’t because chances are it will have been well thought out and you’ll break my heart.

Looking forward to seeing you this week,

Love Charlotte

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