Avocado Love

Evening everyone,

Are avocados just on trend or should we really be eating more of them ? I for one adore avocados but are they always on my shopping list because I am bombarded by images of them on Instagram and on cafe menus or for their silky texture, beautiful taste and health benefits?……

Here are just a few of the health benefits the fruit provides:

* Avocado oil is used to suppress and treat symptoms in people suffering from arthritis especially in the knee and hip area.

* Avocados have been proven to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol levels whilst increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels.

* Besides the fact that avocado is highly nutritious, it can also dramatically increase the nutrient value of other plants that you eat by being incorporated into your diet.

* Avocados are associated with healthy ageing and longevity because of potent compounds that regenerate your body.

* Avocados are high in fibre helping to aid digestion, reduce risk of constipation and helping you to feel fuller for longer.

* High in ‘good’ polyunsaturated fat that can actually help protect your skin from sun damage and inflammation. Monounsaturated fats keep the top layer of skin moisturised so that it’s healthy and guarded from premature wrinkles.

* Folate in avocados helps you to sleep well and makes you less at risk from depression.

Avocados have many many more health benefits but the more I’m writing the more I want to go and eat one……so I’ll sign off here and look forward to seeing you ‘avo’ fuelled in classes this week!

Love Charlotte xxx

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