Consistency is key 

This really is the thing to remember if you want those results!  Whether it is weight loss, a stronger core or back care, whatever it is,  when it comes to exercise consistency really is key.  I’m sure many of you reading this email have made new year resolutions or are hoping to make this year the year of the ‘new you’ and that’s great, we all need goals and challenges.  But have you made yourself a realistic plan to achieve what you desire?  I’m talking about working towards these goals week in week out.  Have you been realistic about the time of day you can physically get to a class or the gym or the frequency of your training sessions?  By being realistic you are giving yourself the best possible chance to achieve results and maintain these results.

According to social media the day that most people give up their new fitness regime has already gone!!! This demonstrates that often these new fitness regimes last less than two weeks!! Give yourself the best possible chance by working out how many times a week you can exercise and then put those times in your diary.  Yes, they should be in there, they are important to you.  Don’t get me wrong I understand that often life does just get in the way but ask yourself do you really need to miss your class or are you actually just making an excuse?  Yes you can make excuses but in the end only you are accountable.

So decide what you want to achieve and then make a plan to succeed.  A plan that fits into your lifestyle EVERY week, not just for the first two weeks of January.  When it becomes a lifestyle change that is when you start to see results.  A plan that you are confident will work for you in March and April as well as January.  Make a plan, stick with it and achieve!!!

Looking forward to seeing you this week.

Love Charlotte xxx

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