Living in the moment

I have been asked many times in the last few weeks about how we ‘just be’ or find ourselves ‘in the moment’. Whatever you wish to call it it’s a moment of total awareness, really connecting and feeling deeply. A truly wonderful moment of being completely present. If you have never experienced this it may read as mumbo jumbo or just a bit too spiritual but it’s not the case.

I used to be the person who couldn’t switch off or relax or tune in but I’m not that person anymore and I feel happier and calmer for it. How can we describe the feeling? For me it’s total appreciation of where I am at that time, what I’m doing and how my mind and body feel. It’s where the body meets the mind, everything working together and completely connecting. It can be a high maybe during a high intensity class when in that moment you feel stronger than ever, euphoric, the fittest you could be. Equally it can be during relaxation after a deep stretch when your body feels fabulous and the muscles are released of tension and joints are looser. Maybe just taking a walk or catching a moment with someone you love being with. It can take on all forms. I make no secret of my passion for teaching and I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced many ‘perfect moments’ or flashes of fitness magic as we sometimes call it. During relaxation, maybe after Pilates or Yoga you can find that special being completely present moment. I can’t tell you how to get there but I can tell you that if you really need it you will find it. In my opinion you take what you need. More often than not it’s about timing.

We are forever changing and growing and therefore our needs change too. I have always believed that when people come to a class it’s short sighted to think that they are just there for the exercise. We all have our reasons why we show up and that needs to be understood and respected. It’s not uncommon for people to cry during yoga and find a huge release. Whilst releasing our bodies physically we often release mentally too, find that mind body connection. If reading this you find it hard to understand or feel you have never experienced this it may be that you just haven’t needed it. If you need it you will find it.

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