Powering into 2017

Evening everyone,
So January is well and truly upon us, classes are busy and everyone wants to lose the Christmas poundage. In my experience people often expect too much from themselves this time of year. Try not to think too much about the short term and think long term. Fitness and healthy eating aren’t short term goals. Instead of visualising how you want to be in two weeks ask yourself how you want to feel in six months time, how you want your life to be / feel. This is far more realistic and achievable. Just making small changes initially can often be the best step. Set yourself achievable exercise goals. I see so frequently people starting a new exercise regime going from no exercise to 5 or 6 classes a week. For most this simply isn’t sustainable in the long term. So what happens? It all feels like too much and then people give up. Starting a new exercise regime is fantastic but be realistic about how much time you can commit and how much you can physically do initially without being too exhausted to keep on top of daily life. Make small steps towards healthier food choices rather than strict diets that you can’t stick to.

January shouldn’t be a time for punishing ourselves, more about being kind to ourselves.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this week.
Love Charlotte

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