This Is Magic

I hope you are all keeping well.

“This is magic” these were the words spoken to me this morning from a lady after my first Pilates class of the day.  Of course I know this, but every so often it’s great to be reminded.  As some of you know my own Pilates journey started with a bad back in the form of sciatica and fairly rapidly my pain began to subside.  Eight years on I realise that Pilates magic runs even deeper, giving participants confidence, well being and better posture ( just to name a few!).  I am hugely lucky in my job to see people progress every day in so many different ways.  I also PT a lady with Parkinson’s disease and the change in her posture, mobility and state of mind before and after the session astounds me every week.  It always feels as if everything switches on and wakes up.  Whilst I appreciate it is very easy for me to tell you that Pilates is magic, it’s what I do for a living but believe me and the very lovely lady from this morning…’s true.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Love Charlotte xxx

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